The New Pornographers // La Maroquierie 2007

The New Pornographers live at La Maroquinerie 30/09/2007

Directed & edited by : Valerie Toumayan ©

Full Setlist :

All The Things That Go To Make Heaven & Earth00:00:23
Use It00:03:27
The Electric Version00:06:47
All The Old Showstoppers00:10:24
Jackie, Dressed In Cobras00:16:09
The Laws Have Changed00:23:45
My Rights Versus Yours00:28:00
The Spirit Of Giving00:32:51
Mass Romantic00:37:03
Testament To Youth In Verse00:41:29
Mutiny, I Promise You00:53:53
Twin Cinema00:58:03
Spanish Techno01:02:14
The Bleeding Heart Show01:07:41
Slow Descent into Alcoholism01:13:35

The New Pornographers // La Maroquierie 2007val3rie

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