Laura Marling // La Flèche d’or Paris 2010

Laura Marling live at La Flèche d’Or 07/04/2010

Directed & edited by : Valerie Toumayan ©

Full Setlist :

Devil’s Spoke00:00:16
Hope in the Air00:03:49
Rambling Man00:09:20
Blackberry Stone00:16:40
To Be a Woman00:20:55
Night Terror00:27:53
Rest in the Bed00:30:43
Made by Maid00:34:48
Goodbye England00:39:05
Alpha Shallows00:43:55
Alas I Cannot Swim00:47:55
My Manic & I00:51:44
I Speak Because I Can00:56:29

Laura Marling // La Flèche d’or Paris 2010val3rie

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