Adele // Le Point Ephémère

This is a rare video of Adele’s first concert in Paris in 2007 opening for Karen Ann.
It was filmed by a friend, not me. Now I regret I was not there!

I thought it was nice to share this footage since it’s been exactly 10 years ago and would be a good memory of her starting career.
I hope her management won’t take this video out, as this is history ! And it would be amazing to have the chance to work with her someday.

© Valerie Toumayan

Full Setlist :

Crazy For You : 00:00:35
Daydreamer : 00:04:23
Hometown Glory : 00:08:10
Melt My Heart To Stone : 00:11:50
That’s it, I Quit, I’m Movin On : 00:15:18
Right As Rain : 00:17:48
My Shame : 00:21:51


Adele // Le Point Ephémèreval3rie