Rebekka Karijord // L’institut Suédois

Rebekka Karijord à l’Institut Suédois le 23 mars 2011
Festival Les Femmes s’en Mêlent

Directed & edited by Valerie Toumayan © 2011
Team: Valerie Toumayan, Vivien Fossez, Jeronimo Acero, Mikaël Carriau, Haruo Kakinoki

Full setlist :

Little Battlefish
This Anarchistic Heart
Undo Love
Paper Boy
The Collector
The Noble Art
Les Desespérés
Dead On My Feet
On Our Way
Parking Lot
Wear It Like A Crown
Ode To What Is Lost
Even Song

Morning Light
Smells Like Teen Spirit
To Be Loved By You

Rebekka Karijord // L'institut Suédoisval3rie