I’m From Barcelona // Bongo Bar

I’m From Barcelona live at Bongo Bar, Jönköping 09/08/15

For their 10 years anniversary as a band, I’m From Barcelona did a surprise show at Bongo Bar where the band first play live, and performed the album “Let Me Introduce My Friends” entirely.

Video by Valerie Toumayan © ilovesweden.net 2015

Collection Of Stamps00:05:34
We’re From Barcelona00:09:50
Ola Kala00:24:03
Chicken Pox00:27:58
Rec & Play00:35:15
This Boy (feat. Loney, Dear)00:38:50
Barcelona Loves You00:43:38
The Saddest Lullaby (feat. Mathias Alrikson)00:50:06

I’m From Barcelona // Bongo Barval3rie