Ane Brun // Songs Tour 2013, Cirkus

Playlist of the full show :

Recorded on December 3rd, 2013 at Cirkus, Stockholm

Ane Brun – Vocals & Acoustic Guitars
Nina K – Backing Vocals & Keys
Andreas Werliin- Drums & Percussion
Martin Hederos – Keys, Violin, Accordion & Backing Vocals
Dan Berglund – Bass
Johan Lindström – Guitars, Keys & Backing Vocals
Ola Hultgren – Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals
Linus Jackson – Backing Vocals

Video directed & shoot by Valerie Toumayan |
Sound recorded by Johannes Berglund
Sound mixed at the famous Atlantis Studio, Stockholm by Janne Hansson & Oscar Söderlund
Lights by Anders Heberling
Produced by Ane Brun & Mikael Gustavsson

P&C 2014 Balloon Ranger Recordings AB
All Rights Reserved |

Full setlist :

The Light From One‬
‪My Lover Will Go‬
‪The Puzzle‬
‪Treehouse Song‬
‪Lullaby For Grown-Ups‬
‪To Let Myself Go‬
‪This Voice‬
‪Oh Love / Humming One of Your Songs‬
‪Worship (feat. Nina K)‬
‪Do You Remember‬
‪True Colors‬
‪These Days‬
‪Don’t Leave‬
‪Big In Japan‬
‪Halo feat. Linnea Olsson‬

Ane Brun // Songs Tour 2013, Cirkusval3rie